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Facial Spa

A facial spa is a place that specializes in skin treatments and relaxing massage-esque facial treatments. While home facials or some places that offer facials may have their basic benefits, visiting a facial spa allows you to get customizable results.


A standard facial cleanses, exfoliates, and treats a variety of skin concerns. Facial Spas have extensive equipment and products to accommodate your skin type and your specific skin concerns, because there is so much more to it than the three basic skin types: dry, combination, and oily.


In addition to the available equipment and products, Facial Spas hire knowledgeable estheticians to perform facials. This is because they specialize in facials and understand the needs of a variety of skin concerns and conditions and how to treat them.


They also are familiar with some of the best facial techniques and treatments available including, glycolic chemical peels, TCA chemical peels, hydrafacials, microdermabrasion, and more!


Our team of professional estheticians have been highly trained in using a variety of different techniques and equipment to treat different skin conditions and areas of concern. For more information, contact us today.


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