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Facials for Sensitive Skin

Most people hear the word, “facial” and think of a very laid back, relaxing treatment of the skin. For people facing sensitive skin issues, a facial can be an intimidating thought. Despite having sensitive skin, you don’t have to avoid facials! There are still treatments available to address your skin concerns without leaving you with irritation and discomfort.


Always communicate with the esthetician performing your facial that you suffer from sensitive skin. With this knowledge, they may choose to use different products on you than on the typical client. In doing this, they are also more able to address specific needs and concerns you have with your skin in a way that will not cause other problems to arise.


What is your current skincare routine like? This may help our estheticians to better understand your situation and concerns. It is not uncommon for people to use skincare brands or products that contribute to their sensitivity. Professional estheticians are highly trained and educated on products and ingredients on the market, and may be able to help you when you leave your appointment.


If ever you are feeling discomfort or irritation, there is no harm in telling your esthetician! They can remove the product or even help you find exactly what is causing your skin irritation.


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