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Eyelash Studio

Are you considering eyelash extensions? Our eyelash studio is home to some of our local industry-leading professionals. We hire the best of the best! 


Eyelash extensions are false lashes that are individually applied to your natural lashes to add volume, length, curl, and thickness to your already existing lashes. They are carefully applied and fully customizable when you choose the right lash techs.


Our lash techs are highly trained in classic, hybrid, volume, and mega eyelash extension sets. They are experts in handmade fans, allowing for a much more customized look. We tell our clients to come with a picture of their desired look and our techs will provide it!


We offer a variety of adhesives because we know no two people are the same. Some people have allergies to certain glues, so we have come up with a solution to try and accommodate as many people as possible!


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